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Eva Rhymes NEW TRACK "MEEKMILL'S L's" is Vicious

Eva Rhymes reminds us that hip-hop is about word-play and stories. With her new track "MeekMill's L's", you hear Eva in her rare form of execution.
Hear the brand new track now and you be the judge. 


Those Type Of Friends- Poetry

Those Type Of Friends U ever had Those type of friends... U know that encourage your drinking and you too busy trying to escape the sadness .. And instead of them telling you to stop they steady giving you

Accept Negativity.... SOMETIMES

Quick Thought.....
Did you know it's ok to accept negativity to a degree? For example for a project that you working on,you think about the possible failure of it. It's been proven that train of thinking can make you focus…Read more

Poetry-Love U Lost

Love U Lost I love u. I don't have to know u. The skin you in .. The color you represent ... The smile and how you curve... When you kind and when you speak words... Universe you are…

Fan Contest -Sept 27th

Ever since I've changed my name to Eva Rhymes from Jinxxx the numbers and support have grown and I am incredibly thankful. So to show my appreciation twice a month I will give off contest to show how much i…Read more

#A3C WHERE HIPHOP HOVERS-Yeah Eva Rhymes Is coming

A3C is music festival and conference focused on innovative ideas and key players of the industry. I’ve heard about it for years so heading down to Atlanta for a five day fun, information and inspirational journey sounds like a lot…

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OddLive Eva

EvaRhymes Goes Live at Least twice a week.. Below is some of her favorite live postings ! Check it out! 
Somebody said I look like Beatlejuice

Practice time

Posted by Eva Rhymes on Sunday, December 27, 2015

Weirdoz what's upGo ahead share me

Posted by Eva Rhymes on Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Poetic mood....

Posted by Eva Rhymes on Sunday, November 15, 2015